RWANDA: UN Finances Women's Rights Project

Friday, May 20, 2011
The New Times
Central Africa
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Human Rights

Non-government organizations; RNC Justice and Democracy and Haguruka Association, have launched a three-year project, titled "Beyond Raising Awareness: Improving Women's Access to Land."

It is funded with a US$ 2 million grant by the United Nations through UN Women to improve Rwandan women's access to land.

"The project empowers women through accessing financial assets, particularly land," said Zaina Nyiramata, the Executive Secretary for Haguruka.

She added that it would reach the individual local woman at grassroots level because of its nationwide network.

"Haguruka has five offices and 416 paralegals in all the sectors of the country, which will ensure that the rights of the individual woman at the grassroots level are addressed," she explained.

The head of RNC Justice and Democracy, Mr Benoit Joanette, stated that his organisation will train civil society groups and the National Women's Council, which in turn will educate women on their rights.

The Deputy Director General of National Land Centre, Didier Sagashya, representing the Minister of Natural resource, promised that the government would always support the project.