SOLOMON ISLANDS: Policy Launched as Women Celebrate 10 Years

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
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Crisis and trouble in the world dominate the headlines, but a woman's world remains silent and unnoticed.

Through every set back women still dare to smile from the mountains of Bougainville to the shores of Solomon, Fiji and Tonga.

These were the words of the Foreign Affairs and External Trade Minister, Peter Shanel yesterday at the launching of the 10 years on report of the United Nation Security Council resolution (UNSCr) 1325 Policy for Peace in our Pacific Region.

Speaking at the occasion Mr Shanel said the report was dedicated to improving the lives of women threatened by crisis.

“This report draws its global mandate initially from UN Resolutions 1325 (passed on 31 Oct 2000) and UN Resolution 1820 (2008 both specifically addressed the impact of war on women and their contribution to preventing conflicts including their role to promoting peace that is sustainable.

“Equally important, regional recognition towards the importance to address women, peace and security has gained momentum,” he said.

Permanent secretary for the Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation said yesterday's occasion presented a wonderful opportunity for the government and all stakeholders to reflect on 1325 on Women and Peace and Security.

“Today's occasion bears testament to the partnership that government continues to promote and count on with those from the civil society, non state actors, non government organisation including faith based institutions and community based organisations,” she said.

“In advocating for women's increased participation in peace making, peace building and more importantly in post conflict rehabilitation and reconstruction.”

Director Vois Blo Mere Josephine Teakeni said women were not just victims of conflicts, they play an important role in conflict resolution, peace keeping and peace building.

“The Pacific Women's media network on the UNSCR is happy to launch this report which reflects the women of Solomon Islands the Pacific Region to our leaders and decision makers.

“We want them to understand how we can address Women, Peace and Human Security issues,” she said.

Ms Teakeni said 1325 is important in Solomon Islands because of issues relevant to it like we are the fourth highest in the world in violence against women and children.

“Gender base violence, lack of women in decision making in Parliament, lack of recognition of contribution of women,” she said.

She also said women are not just passive victims of violence and inequality, women in our region have been making significant contributions to human security within families, communities and nations.

The Introduction to United Nation Security Council Resolution 1325 was passed on October 31, 2000 on Women, Peace and Security.

It is a historic document from the Security Council that requires parties to a conflict and the International community to respect women's rights and to support their participation at all stage as in peace negotiations, conflict prevention and post conflict reconstruction.

10 years on Report launch yesterday is an initiative spearheaded by the Vois blo Mere Solomon as part of a Pacific Women's Media network Femlink (Fiji) initiative in advocating for the implementation of 1325 with governments within the region.