SOUTH SUDAN: Work hard for your quarter, women urged

Monday, August 9, 2010
The Juba Post
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JUBA - Col. Rodento Tungun of Southern Sudan Prison Service (SSPS) has told women in southern Sudan to work hard in order to achieve the twenty five percent allocation of the constitutional jobs reserved for their lot by the government.

Speaking to a gathering comprising mainly women, he asked “ why are we concerned about educating women in the organized forces?'' reasoning that many freedom fighters did not have the time to go to school during the liberation struggle making it important for them to get functional adult literacy now.

Col. Rodento pointed out that women played crucial roles during the two decades of civil war in the Sudan. “They were good at spying. They nursed the wounded and cooked food for their husbands who were engaged in direct combat,” prompting him to add that “if you educate a woman, you will educate the whole nation.”

He advised the people of southern Sudan that no one can give money freely saying even if the services are being initiated by either an NGO or the government the beneficiaries should utilize the opportunities wisely.

Sudanese Association for Humanitarian Aid (SAHA), a non governmental organization has secured a US$ 48,665 fund from Pact Sudan to empower women associated with armed conflict. 80% of the amount shall benefit women directly, and the remainder shall be utilized to fund adult literacy for men.

SAHA Director Peter Modison Yugu said that his organization shall empower women through integrated functional adult literacy and peace building. This project targets women combatants, active and retired women groups, women with physical disabilities and the host community at large, he said.

The two officials were speaking before a crowd which turned up to grace the official opening of the project outside the office of SAHA located behind Sudan Hotel in Juba.

Mr. Yugu expressed his appreciation of the efforts by Pact Sudan in rendering financial and material to SAHA. He further said that his organization is grateful to Pact Sudan for having trained their staff in project proposal writing and fund raising.

Similarly, he extended his thanks to the government of Central Equatoria for providing land to his organization to build offices. He also acknowledged the French Consulate for constructing and establishing the centre.

The program will for one year train women on opportunities available from micro finance institutions and empower them on decision making, said Yungu. He said that SAHA will also be looking for the possibilities of providing similar programs in Eastern and Western Equatoria.

According to him, he said, SAHA believes that illiteracy and ignorance are the chief contributors to acute poverty and misery in societies around the world, and fighting the two would mean better socio-economic conditions for the poor.

SAHA was formed in 2004 and started its activities upon official registration with Southern Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) on 1st November 2006, to combat illiteracy among the less advantage people in the war ravaged region of southern Sudan.