SUDAN: Support Sudanese Women to Determine Their Own Future

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
World Pulse
Eastern Africa
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Reconstruction and Peacebuilding

On January 9, a new country may be added to the world map as southern Sudanese vote on independence from their northern neighbors.

This referendum was set up as part of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that helped put an end to 22 years of civil war between the North and South of Sudan. The history of North/South conflict is still fresh and if this historic vote for independence goes through, the process of splitting this nation in two is unlikely to be smooth.

World Pulse partner Women for Women International works on the ground in southern Sudan, and expresses concerns about mass displacement and the potential for tension around the referendum to escalate into violence.

Women for Women International is accepting donations to support women survivors of war and to build conditions for lasting peace in Sudan, whatever the the outcome of the referendum.

Visit Women for Women International to learn more out about opportunities to help provide stability and hope to Sudanese women during this unstable time.