Women Organizations Cut the Chain of Poverty

Thursday, October 7, 2010
Berita Jakarta
South Eastern Asia
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As the city`s partner, Women's Organization Cooperation Body (BKOW) always support and actively participate in the city development. Through its work programs, BKOW has tried to enhance its role to cut the chain of poverty and hunger.

The chairwoman of Jakarta Capital City BKOW, Endang Prijanto, stated that one way to eradicate poverty is by good education. ”We hope this organization can participate in eradicating poverty by 2015,” said Endang when attending BKOW Meeting I in Nyi Ageng Serang building, Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, Tuesday (10/5).

Poverty is one of the causes of social problems such as public health and education. The high maternal mortality rate when giving birth, toddlers' malnutrition and low-educated women are parts of poverty. “BKOW considers to develop programs in these problems,” she said.

So far, BKOW has done programs related to poverty eradication like providing free medical services, holding social activities, blood donating and training on cooperatives and creating job opportunities. “Women have important roles in the development,” she added.

In that event, as many as 68 members of BKOW got elucidation about how to enhance women's participation in eradicating poverty. Members of city BKOW are IWAPI, Pebabri women division, Al-Hidayah, Kowani (Indonesian Women Congress), Dharma Wanita, etc.

Head of BKOW Consultative Board, Tatiek Fauzi Bowo, said that the city is facing increased problems especially in environmental issues. She asked all women to increase their concerns in solving the problems.

Without good cooperation, poverty eradication cannot run well. BKOW has strategic roles in solving those problems. “The most faced problem is education. By providing better education, we can eradicate poverty,” she added.