Security Council Resolution 2387: Para.42

PeaceWomen Consolidated Themes: 
Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
Justice, Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform

42. Decides that the mandate of MINUSCA shall include the following priority tasks:

a. (iii)  To provide specific protection for women and children affected by armed conflict, including through the deployment of Child Protection Advisers, Women Protection Advisers and Gender Advisers;


b. (ii)  To assist the CAR authorities’ efforts, at national and local levels, for an increased participation of political parties, civil society, and women to the peace process, in cooperation with the African Initiative and other mediation actors;

(iii)  To provide good offices and technical expertise in support of efforts to address the root causes of conflict, in particular a greater focus on national reconciliation and local conflict resolution, working with relevant regional and local bodies and religious leaders, while ensuring the full and effective participation of women in line with the CAR action plan on women, peace and security, and drawing upon integrated information and analysis from the United Nations system in‑country;

(iv)   To support efforts of the CAR authorities to address transitional justice as part of the peace and reconciliation process, and marginalization and local grievances, including through dialogue with the armed groups, civil society leaders including women and youth representatives, and by assisting national, prefectoral and local authorities to foster confidence among communities;


d. (ii) To monitor, help investigate and ensure reporting on violations and abuses committed against children and women, including rape and other forms of sexual violence in armed conflict, in connection with the Joint Rapid Response Unit within the gendarmerie and the police established to respond to sexual violence (UMIRR);