Statement of MAURITANIA at UNGA73

Thursday, September 27, 2018
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Participation: … women occupy an important position in terms of candidature as well as the seats that have been gained, especially since the position of chairperson of the local council district of Nouakchott is female. These results show the progress that women have made in elections and this is because the national, political circles allow for the participation of women at all levels of decision-making so they can occupy political, military and judicial positions, as well as a quota that has been allocated to women in all elected seats and positions.


Protection: Human rights has a very important position in our national politics and is embodied in our continued efforts to achieve and to entrench human rights and improve the situation and condition of prisons and to protect prisoners of torture and to combat any harmful practices against women and children.


The question of Palestine occupies one of the main interests of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and our country has a firm position on the matter; in every occasion we call for an equitable solution that is a viable one and it is based on relevant Arab and international terms of reference and which would lead to the establishment of a state of Palestine with AlKoods Ashreef as the capital.

As for the Libyan question, we support the track of the United Nations and other tracks that come to complete it including the efforts of the high level African panel on Libya and the Quartet and the committee that is formed by Libyan neighboring states.

As for the situation in Syria, we like to confirm the need to seriously strive to arrive at a political solution through a comprehensive national dialogue that would maintain the unity of Syria as well as independence and dignity of the people and the right to live in peace and security.

As for sisterly Yemen, we support for the legitimacy with the leadership of H.E. Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and call for putting an end to divisions and adopt and call for a peaceful solution based on the three terms of reference and support the United Nations efforts that aim to arrive at a political solution to this crisis.


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Statement of MAURITANIA at UNGA73