Statement of GERMANY at UNGA73

Friday, September 28, 2018
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“Nowhere is the crisis of multilateralism more painfully evident than in Syria. The civil war has long since turned into a widespread regional conflict, with further potential for escalation in an already ravaged region. [...] As the second-largest humanitarian donor, Germany is willing to provide UNHCR with a further 116 million euros - that is, half of the amount currently needed - to help Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. But others also need to step up. After all, the Charter talks about we the peoples.”

“Disruptive foreign-policy approaches have now also reached the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Many people are keen to make us believe that the negotiated two-state solution is obsolete. They want us to think it is now merely a term used in diplomacy and can no longer be achieved. But whatever way you twist it, there will only be lasting peace if people can lead selfdetermined lives in security and dignity on both sides of the 1967 Lines. That is precisely why, even 25 years after Oslo, working on a negotiated two-state solution is still the right thing to do.” 

“The conflict in Ukraine will also continue to occupy us. Along with France, Russia and Ukraine, we are working hard to implement the Minsk agreements. The focus is on the measures agreed a long time ago with a view to stabilising the ceasefire. All efforts, including our discussion on a possible UN mission in eastern Ukraine, are aimed at achieving that.”

“Take Iraq, where the terrorists of Islamic State have for the most part been militarily defeated. Instead of leaving the Iraqi authorities to fend for themselves, we are training security forces, fostering administrative structures and providing civil support to promote stabilisation, reconciliation and inclusive reconstruction in the country.”

“After all, the success of UN missions hinges on member states political backing. This is particularly true for Libya right now. To tackle the Herculean task of advancing functioning state structures, the United Nations needs our political support.”

“Peace is more than guns falling silent. Only just societies will remain peaceful in the long term - societies in which men and women enjoy equal rights and in which women participate in all social decision-making. This is not only a matter of fairness and respect. It is simply about humanity and reason.”

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Statement of GERMANY at UNGA73