Statement of SAUDI ARABIA at UNGA73

Friday, September 28, 2018
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Displacement and Humanitarian Response
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Goverment Statements

The Palestinian question has been pivotal for my country as well as for the Islamic world. We base on ourselves the conviction that Palestinian people have the right to build an independent Palestinian State on the 1967 borders with Al-Koods Al-Shareef (East Jerusalem) as the capital based on the resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

We reiterate our commitment to a political settlement to the crisis in Yemen, on the basis of three references: the Gulf Initiative, the outcomes and conclusions of national Yemeni dialogue, as well as UN Security Council resolutions. […] We shall continue to facilitate all humanitarian efforts to end the disaster plaguing the fraternal Yemeni peoples. We have sought to support the Yemeni economy, including recently with the establishment of a 2 billion dollar fund, based at the central bank of Yemen.

This eighth year of the Syrian crisis, we see a humanitarian landscape which requires us all to shoulder our responsibilities. My country has, from the very first day of the crisis, has sought to place Syrian individual at the heart of our efforts, we have endeavored to ensure that Syrian people can arrive at their ambitions to live on their own soil, for this reason, on the basis of our convictions, we reiterate the need to respect Security Council Resolution 2254 to arrive at a political settlement in line with the Geneva I Declaration principles.

Saudi Arabia is a country which supports legitimacy in Libya. We would recall the importance of upholding the Saharet agreement to solving the crisis plaguing Libya. We call for unity in Libya, for respect for its territorial integrity. My country was among the leading donors in terms of Gender-Militarism Index 69 humanitarian and development assistance, we have moved 3.7% of GDP, thereby surpassing thereby surpassing the quota called for by the United Nations

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Statement of SAUDI ARABIA at UNGA73