Claiming Women´s Space in the Time of Crises

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This report reflects the longstanding commitments of this 36 year old feminist organisation in advancing women's rights and gender equality through participation in media and communication, as well as highlights of its latest achievements in voicing women's struggles in the most prominent issues such as peace and conflict, climate change, food security, fundamentalisms and intolerance, among many others. The year 2009 is marked with the multiple crises, from the financial crisis to the food crisis to the climate crisis and more. Through its flagship magazine Women in Action and various communication works, Isis International not only featured the impact of these crises on women, but also the women's initiatives and coping strategies in response to these crises which should be integrated in the policy-making processes and implementation to address these issues, at community, national, regional, and international levels, including at the various UN venues, such as Commission on Status of Women, Beijing+15 process, and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations.

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