"Where is the Justice?" Interethnic Violence in Southern Kyrgyzstan and its Aftermath

Monday, August 16, 2010
Human Rights Watch
Central Asia

This 91-page report states that some government forces acted, knowingly or unwittingly, to facilitate attacks on ethnic Uzbek neighborhoods in the violence in southern Kyrgyzstan in June 2010. Local law enforcement agencies also failed to provide appropriate protection to the Uzbek community. The government's investigation into the violence, which left hundreds dead and thousands injured, has been marred with abuses, while new ethnically motivated attacks are taking place in the south.

The report is based on more than 200 interviews with Kyrgyz and Uzbek victims and witnesses, lawyers, human rights defenders, government officials, and law enforcement personnel. The report also analyzes satellite imagery and photographic, video, documentary, and forensic evidence.

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Where is Justice? - Interethnic Violence in Southern Kyrgyzstan