Commitments Database: A 1325 Call to Action Statement Namibia

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Southern Africa

Secretary General
Madam Moderator
Distinguished delegates
Colleagues and Friends
Ladies and Gentlemen

My delegation is honoured to participate in this event and announce that in relation to Security Council resolution 1325 Namibia has made progress in its commitment to increasing the representation of women in mechanisms for conflict prevention, management and resolution.

Currently Namibia is taking part in 7 UN Peacekeeping Operations. The total number for military, police and prison officers currently deployed in UN Peacekeeping Missions are 96, of which 44 are women whose rank vary up to the highest rank being Brigadier General and, coming from the Namibian Police Force, Namibia Defence Force and the Rehabilitation Service Agencies. As one can see from the statistics, the 50/50 mark is likely to be achieved by Namibia in the near future.

Namibia stresses the importance of women's equal and full participation as active agents in peace and security and recognizes that women and gender issues are relevant to international peace and security.

In conclusion Madam Chair, challenges remain and Namibia remains committed to the promotion of women's full, equal and effective participation as agents of peace in all peace processes at national, regional and international levels.

I thank you Madam Moderator.

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A 1325 Call to Action, Namibia, Sep 25 2010