Liberia (S/RES/2128)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Report Analysis: 

Resolution renewing and modifying the Liberian sanctions regime.

There is no reference to women, peace and security.

Despite the Council’s preambular discussion of security sector reform, the resolution of land and tenure rights, and meaningful reconciliation and inclusive dialogue to consolidate peace and advance Liberia’s democratic development, it does not recognize the ways that each of these themes is affected by and affects women, peace and security concerns.  In the operative section, the emphasis on illicit arms trafficking fails to appreciate and emphasize the nexus between the illicit use and trade of small arms and the resulting aggravated violence against civilians, especially women and girls.

In relation to the latest MAP on the Liberian sanctions regime and Panel of Experts in particular (June 2013), this resolution is not responsive.  In particular, it does not address the links between the illicit flow of small arms and light weapons and the occurrence of sexual and gender-based violence.

The previous resolution on Liberian sanctions, S/RES/2079 (2012), similarly contained no reference to women, peace and security concerns.


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