Positive Peace and Gender Equity - Executive Summary

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the recent past there has been increased attention to the relationship of gender equity and peace building. While there is growing work on women in peace research, there is still much left undone. In response, the Coral Group of the University of Massachusetts Lowell launched a study, utilizing evidenced based research and a case-study methodology to explore how gender intersects with categories of building positive peace. 

While the newly launched Positive Peace Index endeavors to rank countries according to the level of positive peace measured by a set of 24 indicators within 8 pillars, it utilizes only one gender specific indicator. In order to shine a light on the importance of focusing on women in studying peace, the Coral Group of University of Massachusetts Lowell applied a gendered lens to all eight pillars by selecting appropriate gendered indicators. The methodology also incorporated five national case studies - Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia, Columbia, Nigeria and Rwanda - to give a closer examination of the intersection between gender equity and building sustainable peace societies. The report is a clarion call to researchers that if “we measure what we value” then we must begin to value the role of women in peacebuilding.