National Voluntary Review to the HLPF: Slovenia

Friday, July 7, 2017
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Slovenia considers the 2030 Agenda to be the most comprehensive development action plan thus far. It is global and universal. It is people- and planet-oriented. It promises to leave no one behind and to build a life of dignity for each and every individual. Furthermore, it includes a vision that – through collective action – we can ensure well-being for all. Agenda 2030 is aligned with the Vision of Slovenia, which foresees Slovenia in the future as a country where, “…in harmony with our environment and our era, we have achieved a balanced, high-quality standard of living. By learning throughout our lives, we are well-equipped to take on the biggest challenges. We are innovative and translate ideas into actions. We create positive relationships based on trust and are building a society of solidarity and tolerance. With confidence, we open Slovenia to partners willing to cooperate. We are proud that our cultural uniqueness makes a difference around the world.”

Slovenia has a strong tradition of promoting sustainable development. Policies and measurements in the last decade have significantly contributed to the fact that in many areas Slovenia's current SDG performance is strong, notably in aspects of the environment, health, and sustainable tourism. Moreover, inequality has fallen and is among the lowest in OECD, as measured by income redistribution and income growth for the bottom 40% of the population.

However, the need to develop more agile and adaptable policies that take into account unpredictable, faster paced and more fundamental shifts in the world as well as addressing the challenges in Slovene society called upon the Government to develop a new approach towards planning for the future, which includes designing and implementing coherent policies for sustainable development. A clear commitment has been set to prepare a new long-term national development strategy and continue our development path towards sustainable, inclusive, and responsible development. Slovenia has started its nation-wide process of preparing a national development strategy that will be forward-looking, close to the people, for the people and with a clear vision of what Slovenia as a country and a nation wants to be in the future.

We decided in the early days of this process that Slovenia will implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a national level by embedding them into our own National Development Strategy 2030, rather than designing a separate process in parallel. The main goal and strategic direction that drives the preparation of the national development strategy is a better quality of life for all.

Our national development strategy will set ambitious objectives across the three dimensions of sustainable development and will seek balance between a resilient, inclusive and responsible society, a highly productive economy that provides value for all, economic growth that must be inclusive and green, learning for and through life as a value and driver of development, efficient and competent governance driven by cooperation, and a well-preserved natural environment.

Slovenia wants to be a responsible global citizen; while we are setting our own path towards well-being, we are acutely aware of our shared responsibility for global peace and prosperity. Therefore, our national development strategy will also address our commitment to implement the 2030 Agenda globally. At the regional and global levels, Slovenia will continue to contribute to the poverty eradication and sustainable development on the basis of updated legal and strategic documents on International Development Cooperation. Our goal for the future is clear – to further strengthen our international development cooperation and demonstrate that the efforts of small countries can be a significant contribution to the realization of global development objectives.

The Slovenian voluntary national report (VNR) on implementation of the Agenda 2030 provides information on the progress and status of the SDGs in Slovenia as well as describing the unique approach of transforming the 17 SDGs into Slovenian development strategy. The main plans and next steps in the implementation process are also described. Participation at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) and the process of preparing VNR in 2017 gave additional impetus to build partnerships among ministries, civil society, business sector, parliamentarians, and academia, to work diligently in building a whole-of-a-government approach and breaking apart silos. The report presents an overview of the Slovenian institutional framework for the coordination of sustainable development issues. A preliminary gap analysis of government’s policies and existing measurements and the SDGs and their 169 targets was initiated in spring 2017 and was used as a relevant input for the review as well as the mapping of the new goals and objectives of the new national development strategy with the SDGs and their targets. With a high awareness that the future of humanity and of our planet lies in our hands and in the hands of today’s younger generation, the report includes the inputs of the representatives of the National Youth Council of Slovenia.

The theme of the HLPF in 2017 calls upon as all to work together in eradicating poverty and promote prosperity in a changing world. It is within the power of us all, individuals, governments, business, civil society, young and old, to make the world a happier, better, and more prosperous place. Today, we are planning for the future, but let us not forget that we not only need to prepare to act. We need to act to be prepared and to provide the opportunities for all to flourish.

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National Voluntary Review to the HLPF: Slovenia