PeaceWomen Fellowships/Internships - 2019

Apply for a PeaceWomen Fellowship/Internship


The Women, Peace and Security Programme of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) offers a short-term internship or long-term fellowship opportunity through our New York City UN office:

This competitive unpaid internship or fellowship is offered to graduate students or professionals interested in women, peace and security issues related to disarmament and women’s human rights. The experience offers an opportunity to research and write about women, peace and conflict issues and gain experience with grassroots communications and non-governmental organisation management in the context of the United Nations.

The intern/fellow will work closely with WILPF staff to provide monitoring and outreach support to WILPF's advocacy on Women, Peace and Security issues at the Security Council and UN in New York. They will attend and monitor Security Council debates and UN events, write policy analysis, post monitoring information on the website and provide WILPF staff with information allowing timely and relevant interventions or advocacy with the UN Member States. They will also conduct social media outreach, contribute to website maintenance and redevelopment, and support publication of WILPF's monthly Women, Peace and Security E-Newsletter.

Fellows/interns should be highly self-motivated and well-organised; work well both independently and as part of a team; open-minded, flexible, and not afraid to take initiative; and able to prioritise and complete multiple tasks on tight deadlines.


We currently offer the following internship opportunities through our New York City UN office:

  • a Security Council Monitoring Internship;
  • a Communications Internship.



  • These short term internships (2-3 months) are offered for the February-May 2019 period.



  • Currently be enrolled in a graduate program (MA, MS, JD, LLM, PhD) or recently graduated with studies in international relations/affairs, international law, political science, public policy and administration, human rights, international development, international security, gender studies, or related field
  • Background or interest in issues related to women, peace and security, including but not limited to gender and militarism, sexual violence in conflict, women's roles in decision-making, women’s participation in conflict prevention, peace processes and post-conflict peacebuilding
  • Background in or strong interest in the United Nations system, understanding of its basic functions, structure
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills and attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Computer proficiency in Windows environment (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); editing and website development experience including Content Management System (CMS) a plus
  • Strong communications background with working knowledge of traditional media (press releases, events) and social media (Facebook, Twitter); experience with blogging, multi-media platforms, and desktop publishing (InDesign, Photoshop, etc.) a plus
  • Ability to commit to at least 4 full days per week beginning March 2019
  • Ability to speak additional languages, such as French, Spanish or Arabic an asset, but not required


Please note that we are unable to provide work visas for this position.


Interns/Fellows will work four days per week in the WILPF UN office and will have a key role in programmatic work. The interns/fellows' work will be guided by the Women, Peace and Security Programme Associate and Programme Director.

Fellows are also responsible for a certain amount of general office work which they will be trained on, including updating the PeaceWomen website, attending meetings, taking notes and performing general support and administrative tasks.

Fellows/interns who thrive will enjoy working in the fast-paced, changing environment of the WILPF UN office and maintain high levels of professionalism and quality.


To be considered for the UN Security Council Monitoring/Communications Fellowship, applicants should submit the following documents to:

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. The subject of the e-mail should be “Women, Peace and Security Intern/ Fellow Application” and all documents should be combined into one PDF or DOCX file.

  1. CV or Resume indicating education, relevant past activities and experience
  2. Cover Letter (1 page, single-spaced)
  3. 2 Letters of Recommendation
  4. Writing Sample (no more than 5 pages), addressing an issue related to women, peace, and security demonstrating ability to write in short, clear, and concrete language (may be an excerpt of longer work)

No phone calls please. Please e-mail with any questions. Thank you!

Former PeaceWomen Interns

  • Nela Abey - Fellow (Spring/Fall)
  • Marta Bautista Forcada - Fellow (Fall/Spring)
  • Madison Chapman - Fellow (Fall/Spring)
  • Naimah Hakim - Fellow (Fall/Winter)
  • Farida Ismail - Fellow (Fall/Winter)
  • Marina Kumskova - Fellow (Fall/Spring)
  • Joanna Lockspeiser - Fellow (Fall/Spring)
  • Anna Warrington - Fellow (Fall/Winter)
  • Lyna Zaim - Fellow (Spring)
  • Sarah Tunnell - Fellow (Summer/Fall)

  • Federica Dall'Arche - Fellow (Fall/Spring 2016)
  • Ghazal Rahmanpanah - Fellow (Spring/Summer)
  • Marta Bautista Forcada (Fall/Winter)
  • Charlette Lopez (Fall/Winter)
  • Cynthia Sularz (Summer/Fall)
  • Blythe Brauer (Summer/Fall)
  • Cristel Taveras (Summer/Fall)
  • Manar Marouf (Summer)
  • Prachi Rao (Spring)
  • Madhuri Sastry (Winter/Spring)
  • Andrea Gordillo (Winter/Spring)
  • Aleah N. Ranjitsingh (Winter/Spring)
  • Laila Kadieva (Winter)

  • Zainab Alam - Fellow (Fall/Winter 2015)
  • Joann Lee (Fall)
  • Alexandra Raymond (Fall)
  • Kristina Johansson (Fall)
  • Tim Rodriguez (Summer)
  • Sarah Hammond (Summer)
  • Sara Malamud (Summer)
  • Shafferan Sonneveld (Winter/Spring)
  • Julie Choi (Winter/Spring)
  • Cristina Chahine (Winter/Spring)
  • Sandra Neuman (Winter)

  • Paulina Jakubec (Fall)
  • Cinthia Isla (Fall)
  • Jalane Jote (Fall)
  • Ayshna Rajbhandary (Fall)
  • Isma Aslam (Summer/Fall)
  • Mari Haraldsson (Summer)
  • Inna Babakulieva (Summer)
  • Margaret Ruiz (Spring)
  • Ester Harrius (Spring)

  • Ariel Mekler (Fall)
  • Sharna de Lacy (Fall)
  • Sofie Säterhall (Fall)
  • Allison Chandler (Spring/Summer)
  • Annette Wallgren (Summer)
  • Brianna Martin (Summer)
  • Dominique Lardner (Summer 2011-Spring)
  • Leonore Tjia (Spring)
  • Rebecca Leon (Winter/Spring)
  • Fiona McAlpine (Winter)
  • Grace Jennings-Edquist (Winter)

  • Kelsey Collidge (Fall)
  • Rebecca Paulsson (Fall)
  • Leila Brollosy (Summer)
  • Annie Hylton (Spring/Summer)
  • Aziz Rahman Popal (Summer)
  • Mriganka Lulla (Summer)
  • Stephanie Bloom (Fall 2010-Spring)
  • Isabelle Cutting (Summer 2010-Spring)
  • Barbara Gonzalez (Winter/Spring)
  • Nicole Bianchi (Winter)

  • Michelle Reyf (Fall 2010, Winter 2010)
  • Miruna Bucurescu (Fall 2010, Winter 2010)
  • Melissa Jaworowski (Fall 2010)
  • Karin Friedrich (Summer 2010)
  • Anna- Moller Loswick (Summer)
  • Sasha Sleiman (Summer)
  • Rachel LaForgia (Summer)
  • Rachel Kean (Summer)
  • Caitlin Deighan (Summer)
  • Nicole Weitzner (Summer)
  • Rubai Aurora (Spring)
  • Emily Meyer (Spring)
  • Rachel Reyes (Spring)
  • Rai Sow (Spring)
  • Sarah Ochs (Fall 2009-Spring)

  • Tanya Quigley (Summer/Fall)
  • Hali Thurber (Summer)
  • Clara Donadello (Spring)
  • Stephanie Thogersen (Spring)

  • Nela Abey - Fellow (Winter/Spring)
  • Sarah Tunnell - Fellow (Winter, Spring)
  • Alexandra Rojas - Fellow (Spring/Summer/Fall)
  • Anne Lescure - Fellow (Summer/Fall)
  • Ines Boussebaa - Fellow (Summer/Fall)
  • Anwar Mhajne - Fellow (Summer/Fall)

  • Ines Boussebaa - Fellow (Winter, Spring, Summer)
  • Ijechi Nwaozuzu - Fellow (Winter, Spring)
  • Colleen Bromberger - Fellow (Summer, Fall)
  • Mikayla Varunok - Fellow (Summer, Fall)
  • Eleanor Bennett - Fellow (Summer, Fall)