2018 International Women Peace Walk Declaration

S. Korea
N. Korea

This declaration calls for the restart of the inter-Korean talks, and for the successful convening of the upcoming US-DPRK Summit. Towards this goal, the declaration calls for the fulfillment of eight points. 

Read or download the declaration below, or read the original by the Nobel Women's Initiative here


We are here today, as Korean women and thirty women security experts, peace activists and women’s rights organizations from around the world, to support the Korean peace process and to call for women’s full inclusion.

Reaffirming the Panmunjeom Declaration of April 27, 2018, we are here in South Korea at this critical moment in hope that upcoming talks will be successful in leading to peace on the Korean Peninsula and around the world. For this purpose, we call for the restart of the inter-Korean talks, and for the successful convening of the upcoming US-DPRK Summit.

Towards this goal, we call for:

  1. The official end of the Korean War by replacing the 1953 Armistice Agreement with a peace treaty. This should be the clear goal of the upcoming US-DPRK Summit, and is a necessary first step to move forward.
  2. A nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, and for this to be extended globally to all states, including the nuclear weapon states of the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China.
  3. The guarantee of full and equal participation of women in the Korean peace process, as stated in UN Security Council Resolution 1325.
  4. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) to be converted into a truly de-militarized zone of peace, by removing the 1.2 million landmines and the barbed wire fences that separate the Korean people.
  5. An expedited civilian exchange between the two Koreas and the immediate reunion of separated families.
  6. The enforcement of prohibitions against wartime violence against women and girls in all countries, and justice for the “comfort women” who survived sexual slavery during WWII.
  7. An end to sanctions that harm innocent civilians, and instead maximum diplomatic and humanitarian engagement that will improve ordinary people’s lives.
  8. A reduction in military budgets and an end to the arms race, and funds redirected to improving women’s human security and environmental protection.

Peace can only be achieved through means that reject violence. We who gathered here today will continue our movement for peace until the threat of war disappears from the earth. We hope that all citizens of both South and North Korea, as well as all the peace-loving citizens around the world, will join us on the path to create a peace treaty to formally end the Korean War. This is an important first step to building peace and genuine security for Korea and for the world.

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