Our AWID Delegation is Ready


WILPF statement ahead of the 13th AWID International Forum

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We are excited to welcome our delegation for the 13th AWID International Forum. WILPF has brought together 18 delegates from eight nations to participate in discussion and create more effective ways of mobilising cross movement action. These include representative from WILPF International, along with delegates from DRC, Chad, Syria, Cameroon, Nigeria, India, Colombia and the UK.

The theme of the forum is “Feminist Futures, Building Collective Power for Rights and Justice.” The four day AWID Forum creates a space for activists from numerous cross-movement groups, to come together and drive social and political change, and build strategies to develop feminist futures.

Yesterday African delegates met ahead of the forum to discuss regional issues. Today, WILPF Section delegates shared their stories and reflections on the projects they are working on. This was an opportunity for each WILPF Section to learn about participation, disarmament and peace building within each Section. It also provided WILPF with an opportunity to discuss the actions each Section is taking to dismantle the local systems that are supporting the proliferation of arms and the violence in our home countries.

WILPF will be hosting and taking part in a number of events during the forum:

  • Feminist Playbook for Peace is a cross movement session where WILPF explores how to create feminist solutions, strengthen alliances, share practical skills, and construct innovative strategies to transform existing structures, policies and approaches, prevent, prevent violence, and bring peace;
  • WILPF’s Crises Response Manager, Laila Alodaat will speak on Syrian activists at the session entitled “What does solidarity look like? A cross – movement dialogue on challenging religious fundamentalisms”;
  • WILPF, in partnership with AWID will host a session entitled “Positioning the binding treaty on Transnational Corporations towards protecting the rights of WHRD’s and minority constituencies”;