From Policy to Action: Advancing an Integrated Approach to Women and Countering Violent Extremism


This policy brief explores ways of enhancing a crosssectoral approach to integrating inclusion of gender and women as a core component of UN and member state P/CVE efforts while developing a closer understanding of the potential points of convergence between the P/CVE and WPS agendas. In addition to desk research and consultations with key stakeholders, including UN actors and member state officials, experts, and national and international civil society actors, it draws extensively on discussions during an April 2016 workshop on the topic cohosted by the Global Center on Cooperative Security and Inclusive Security.7 It takes stock of multilateral efforts in this area and discusses practical means of advancing the WPS and P/CVE agendas in a more integrated manner. This brief draws on lessons and experiences not only from the WPS space, but also from the fields of development and human rights, which for a long time have advanced comprehensive approaches to gender integration, to help inform P/CVE efforts. It concludes with a set of practical recommendations for UN member states, entities, and stakeholders on ways to integrate attention to gender and enhance women’s meaningful inclusion in P/CVE.